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Home Baking Flour, Self Raising Flour, Chapati Flour, Atta Mark I Flour

We produce a very wide range of flours and flour-based products. Individual products are grouped and named according to intended utilisation, ingredient type and the process by which it is produced.

Mandazi Flour, Brown Bread Flour, White Bread Flour

Brown bread flour is a fibre-rich, light brown, free-flowing, coarse flour, making it ideally suited for the production of yeast-leavened brown bread product.White bread flour is a creamy-white, free-flowing flour high, making it ideally suited for the production of yeast-leavened bread products.

Atta Kenya utilise many different grain types to create a wide range of flours. Each grain type will offer quite different health properties, flavour profiles, and processing characteristics.

We welcome the opportunity to service all our customers, ranging from one-store shops to multi-unit chains.Premium hard and soft wheat flours for all baking applications, including breads and rolls, cookies and cakes, and hearth breads.

Our Institutional-All Purpose fits many applications due to a perfect combination of flours, resulting in a versatile flour that performs for everyday bread and pastry needs.

Known in the industry for our Chef brands, we are dedicated to providing superior products, and personalized customer service. Atta Kenya is a proud supplier of high quality products